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Napa County Office of Education’s Community Programs work towards building communities in which youth and families are healthy, educated, and thriving. They operate a range of programs, including After School/Expanded Learning programs, Prevention, Health & Wellness initiatives, and Volunteer programs that increase services to children and families.

In response to California's initiative to improve the quality of after school/expanded programs, I worked with program stakeholders to identify/develop quality standards, data collection methods and data collection instruments. In effort to improve and optimize program quality across the department, we expanded this work to include prevention, health & wellness and volunteer capacity building programs. I lead the department's continuous quality improvement process, which involves annual action planning, data collection, progress monitoring, review and discussion of results. Staff value the process and have been making targeted changes to improve the quality of their programs. Most importantly, they're seeing positive results of this work.

Additionally, I have collaborated with management and staff to understand evaluation needs and make a variety of improvements to optimize data collection practices, evaluation processes and data management systems. I have developed and put in place numerous processes and systems to  improve data collection efficiency, data quality, and the use and application of results.

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The Lioness Tale Prison Project (LiT-uPP) brings transformational tools for spiritual freedom and emotional literacy to women serving long term to life prison sentences at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla.  Participants then facilitate the sharing of these resources throughout their prison community.

This project involves working with stakeholders to build the organization's evaluation capacity for ongoing evaluation to improve, hone and scale programs to additional facilities and populations.

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